12 December 2018
Vitosha Hall, Inter Expo Center Sofia - Bulgaria

On 12 December 2018 a round table was held in Sofia, Bulgaria as part of the raising awareness campaign within the project “ENABLEEnabling Dematerialized Access to Information and Assets for Judicial Enforcement of Claims in the EU”.

The event was organized by the  Bulgarian Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents,  Lukov, Gorchev & Daskalov, private enforcement agents, CONNEXX, Faculty of Law at the Veliko Tarnovo University “St. Cyril and St. Methodius”, European Law Society .

The aim was to present the main findings of the Comparative report on the level of e-enforcement in the ENABLE project participating member states, identified bottlenecks and good practices, as well as scenarios for the future of e-enforcement. The specific results for Bulgaria were also presented and a discussion followed on problematic issues faced by practitioners.

The round table was opened by Mr. Stephan Gorchev, LL. M, Private enforcement agent and Chairman of the Control Council of the Bulgarian Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents, followed by a presentation of Mr. Jos Uitdehaag, ENABLE Project Manager, Secretary of the International Union of Judicial Officers and European Commission Consultant on judicial enforcement.

Mr. Todor Lukov LL. M, Private enforcement agent, ENABLE referee for Bulgaria and Chairman of the Disciplinary Commission of the Bulgarian Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents, member of the CONNEXX Board, presented findings and conclusions from the analyses for Bulgaria.

Mr. Stoyan Yakimov, deputy Chairman of the Law Enforcement Agents Chamber in Bulgaria presented draft projects for the establishment of a unified Management system for over 100 registers for the needs of the public administration, with experimental access provided to judicial enforcement agents.

The discussion on challenges before the e-enforcement in Bulgaria was facilitated by Dr Hristo Hristozov, LL. M.  Chairman of the European Law Society, researcher and lecturer in “E-justice” at Faculty of Law at the Veliko Tarnovo University “St. Cyril and St. Methodius.”

Among the participants were representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, the United Bulgarian Bank, Regional Courts Stara Zagora, judicial enforcement agents, attorneys, academics, the European School of Enforcement, nongovernmental organizations.